Calling all fans of The Archies and Ron Dante! Did you know there is a wealth of unreleased material from The Archies at their peak period? About 95% of the songs played on "Archie’s Funhouse" (the third season of the TV cartoon) were unreleased pop gems penned primarily by Neil Goldberg, working under Jeff Barry at the time (1970-71). Along with the dance-of-the-week numbers, we’re talking close to 50 rarities. When I first heard these on TV, I was about 10 years old. I had no concept of the value of a "non-LP B-side." It’s like a treasure hidden away for the truest fans. That’s what I equate the "Funhouse" songs and the dances to, and why I consider it the Holy Grail of Archies music. This is not some lame later incarnation of the band, but the same awesome musicians that gave us "Sugar Sugar." To Beatles fans (which I am one of the biggest in the whole wide universe), it’s the equivalent of finding several unreleased studio albums lying in a warehouse…they’re in their PRIME and Ron Dante’s voice shines like the sun itself. Well, you may ask, "How can I hear these?" I put together a VHS video compilation of these clips that I sell on eBay (just look under my member name, daddykin, for availability). Then, I culled the audio of the songs off the videotapes and transferred it to a CD that I call "The Riverdale Archives." I share this CD with you freely at my blog, Please check it out. You won’t be disappointed. daddykin

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