Hi. It’s an honor to be enrolled in Kim Cooper and David Smay’s Bubblegum University. Their Bubblegum Book was a huge influence on me in starting my own blog, MONDO DADDYKIN. I have collected bubblegum records for years, and their book, along with blogs like Bubblegum Fink, has inspired me to share a lot of these albums with you on MONDO DADDYKIN. While my blog consists of many elements like TV soundtracks and kiddie records to name a couple, my initial focus is the records made by TV-inspired bubblegum groups like The Archies, Josie and the Pussycats, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, and many others you may remember. My nickname is The Daddykin (after Veronica Lodge’s father, "Daddykins"!). Mondo Daddykin means "all things daddykin," referring to my posts which all had some kind of impact on me in my record collecting journey. My following posts will give you an idea of the bubblegum stuff you’ll find at my blog,  Kim, thank you very much for the invitation.  It is truly an honor to be here!