1910 Fruitgum Company – Sleeve Art

I’ve added a few 45 picture sleeves that show the original 1910 FGC members:  Mark, Steve, Frank, Pat, and myself for all those people who dispute that there was an original band.  Simon Says was the first hit for the FGC.

Here’s an Italian pressing of Simon Says.
 Simon Says with the 5 original members.

 This is an Asian pressing of Simon Says.
Asian pressing with the 5 original members of the 1910 FGC. 

Simon Says with 4 of the original members.
Simon Says picture sleeve with 4 of the original members. 

3 thoughts on “1910 Fruitgum Company – Sleeve Art”

  1. I don’t know if you ever heard of me, but I was Steve’s first girlfriend. We met at Mirror Lake Beach Club and we saw each other summers and at USY dances when his band played. I was so sorry to hear about his passing away. Even though our relationship was for the most part young and innocent, there are still fond memories.

  2. Hi Floyd, I was the vocalist w/Steve’s band in the early 70’s “The Something Band”. We worked in Tinton Falls. My name was Mary Jo Begley. Frank Ferrucci was on piano, Rich Catanzaro on drums, and Steve played bass. We were very close! I was shocked to hear about Steve’s death? Can you tell me anything about what happened and when? We did email each other a few years ago, as he googled me. I still have such fond memories of those days and, especially Steve. What a nice man and a very very talented musician. He was a genius! Mary Jo

  3. Hi Mary Jo.
    Yes, Steve was a really fine musician and he and I were close on the road.
    He use to travel with me to Boston to my College and to friends of mine in Florida and Illinois.
    After I and Pat left The FGC he was part of my bands “Storybook” and “Peace” and then the 3 of us formed an semi-acoustic group called “Tumbleweed”,which became “Montana Flintlock”.
    We toured and came close to being signed by Columbia Records.
    In more recent years Steve was living in Kentucky. He had some emotional problems which many of us go through. He wouldn’t take his medication. He grew unhappy with his wife’s responses to it and wound up committing suicide.
    Frank, Pat and I went to his mother’s house to a memorial service. We talked about our times together and reminisced with his sisters.

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