PARTRIDGE FAMILY 2200 A.D.!! Songs From The 1974 Cartoon Series!

Hi. In 1974, the same year that the live-action sitcom was cancelled, Hanna-Barbera turned The Partridge Family into cartoon characters. The original plan was to update "The Jetsons," but CBS pushed for them to revise the cartoon with the Partridge Family instead. That’s why it’s set in 2200 A.D. Susan Dey, Danny Bonaduce, Brian Forster, Suzanne Crough, and Dave Madden all worked on the project at some point. The only holdouts were unfortunately the most glaring holdouts…Shirley Jones and David Cassidy refused to participate. The character of Shirley Partridge was voiced by Joan Gerber, and Keith Partridge was played by Chuck McClenan. As with most Hanna-Barbera projects, Hoyt Curtin was the musical director and penned some pretty good gum tunes for McClenan to sing. In addition to the new songs, they recorded an updated version of "Take Good Care of Her" from "The Partridge Family Notebook" album, with McClenan singing Cassidy’s lines. Pretty weird! These songs were never issued in any form, but I’ve rescued them from my old VHS tapes. I’m sharing the mp3’s at my blog,  Check it out!