The Dave Pell Singers – “Mah-Na-Mah-Na” CD (El)

On this dizzy 1969 release, West Coast jazzbo and his session cats work a breezy adult contemporary vibe, with giddy female vocal choirs manifesting the audio equivalent of a gaggle of happy stewardesses bearing fluffy pillows. The mellow, playful arrangements are applied to an appealing collection of bubblegum and pop-rock standards, including “Crystal Blue Persuasion,” the Sesame Street-popularized title track and “Sugar Sugar.” While the boy/girl singers are utterly out of their depth on the latter, it’s still a hoot to hear a dark narrative like “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town” handled so frothily. Silly, sweet mainstream fluff, presumably originally aimed at foxy grandpas, and still likely to please the comfy chair and fruity drink set. (Kim Cooper)

The Lost Feature: Tommy Roe, Brian Hyland, Tommy James & the Shondells

An Appreciation of Tommy Roe, Brian Hyland, Tommy James & the Shondells and other primordial examples of bubblegum
by Domenic Priore in conversation with Shelly Kidd

Domenic Priore: We were trying to figure out what separates the British Invasion groups from the ’60s Garage Punk bands in America that followed, and when you said “they warped it with Chili Dogs” that pretty much says it all