The Sun Is Going To Shine…TOOMORROW!!

Hi. In 1970, after his phenomenal success with The Monkees and The Archies via television, Don Kirshner set his sights on the motion picture industry to launch his latest bubblegum band. "Toomorrow" was a movie, a band, an album, two singles…and a flop! Kirshner recruited a 21-year-old Australian singer and actress named Olivia Newton-John to front the band, which also included Vic Cooper, Ben Thomas, and Karl Chambers. The plot is pretty wild. A space center called Alphoid Galactic Control has assigned an alien (played by John Williams) to observe Earthlings in search of a cure for "the sterility of sound in space." When he hears the music of Toomorrow, he kidnaps the band and their positive sounds and whisks them into outer space to save the day. I actually think it’s pretty groovy. The film bombed, but has since become a cult classic. The music is pretty good pop in my opinion. Despite the project’s failure, the sun is going to shine…toomorrow! I’m sharing mp3’s of the music at my blog,   Check it out!