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  1. Hi I noticed your reference to King regarding him performing Leap up and down with your knickers in the air under the guise of St. Cecilia. This is totally inaccurate. St Cecilia is a real group and the song was written sang by the base player Keith Hancock. Here is a URL to the group playing on the Knoll Edmunds show: .

    The band was formed in 1969 and consisted of five members, the bands line never changed from that day until now accept that Les Smith has passed away recently (sad loss) the members are: Keith Hancock, Ricky Moss, Graham Smith, Les Smith and my self John Proctor. Keith met some Swedish girls while on holiday with (I think Les) and it was then that he coined the phrase Leap up and down with your knickers in the air. Jonathan King had no part what’s so ever in the writing or recording this song. The only involvement was acting as our agent to obtain a release and helping to promote the song.

    John Proctor re: St Cecilia – Leap Up and Down (Wave Your Knickers In the Air)
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