Black Bubblegum

by James Porter

The Jackson Five were pioneers in ways no one really thinks about. When the Motown label released “I Want You Back” in the waning months of the sixties, the group was probably regarded as nothing more than five cute kids whom Diana Ross supposedly discovered, just another one of those novelty child acts that pop up every few years. As it turned out, they wound up with a #1 hit, bringing “The Motown Sound” up-to-date for the seventies. They spawned a host of imitators

2 thoughts on “Black Bubblegum”

  1. What about “Patty Cake” by the Capitols? I mean, that’s an actual Resnick-Levine composition, based around a kid’s rhyme, and everything! Its only failing being that it could perhaps have been smuttier. Still, it’s a great record, whether judged as soul or bubblegum. Indeed, one might say that it’s two great tastes that taste great together. As for “Rainy Day Bells”, I grew up hearing it all the time on Beach Music shows in South Carolina, but have no memory of it on the show, and until a few years ago,had no idea it was supposed to be THOSE Globetrotters.

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