One thought on “Cutting a swath through the L.A. sound with P.F. Sloan and his pals”

  1. Excellent information here on Sloan. I’m working on a piece about Sloan and his new Nashville-recorded “Sailover” album. And, Sloan sent me a copy of his ’68 “Measure of Pleasure” LP, produced by Tom Dowd.

    Anyone out there know more about this record? Was it indeed recorded at Muscle Shoals, Alabama? Or in New York? No one, from Sloan himself to session musicians active in Muscle Shoals at the time, like bassist David Hood, remembers anything about it or knows who played on it. Sloan told me last November he did it at Muscle Shoals, but says he can’t remember who played on it…

    Anyone know more about “Measure of Pleasure”? Anyone?


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