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Welcome, bubblegum seeker. You are home. Whether you consider your bubblelove as the guiltiest of pleasures, or shout it to the stars, we invite you to come inside this pink and sticky realm and explore.

This site is a kinderpop think tank, hosted by the editors of the book Bubblegum Music is the Naked Truth and dedicated to the belief that bubblegum is endlessly interesting and worthy of deeper reflection.

Here you’ll find fantasies and hard scholarship, discographies and interviews, record reviews and memories, pink candy and black vinyl. We invite your contributions, either through comments on existing content, or through your own submissions. 

Bubblegum remains the naked truth… five years after our anthology crafted the language to discuss an orphaned genre, we’re back and ready to dig much deeper. So hop aboard Captain Groovy’s magic sleigh and let’s dig the bubblegum til we can’t dig no more!

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  1. I’d like to get some of the history in order for the begginings of the Lemon Pipers.
    They were original members of Tony and The Bandits. Tony Brazis left the Bandits with differences with Bill Bartlett original member of that group. Ivan (Darrell) Browne replaced him from the group Ivan and The Sabers a suburb group of Dayton, Ohio. They also met at Cincinnati University were they attended before transferring to Miami University in Oxford Ohio.
    Wm (Bill Albaugh , Bill Barttlett were original members in Tony and The Bandits as were Bob “Dude” Dudak and Steve Walmsley and others on occasions. The Bandits even performed with Ivan as The Bandits even after Tony Brazis departed. (confirmed by Ivan) Then changing their name to The Lemon Pipers whick Ivan detested and did not like. (also confirmed) Tony and The Bandits came originally from Cleveland Ohio with working Manager Lee Dove to a house in Bond Hill a suburb of Cincinnati) not Middletown as reported in several other programs. I was their publicity Manager and made up all their billing and business cards and advertising up until they appeared on Shindig in November 1965 and a little later in Oxford. I attended Woodward high school in Cincy and alsio was a band “Rhodie” Bill Bartlett and Tony Brazis taught me how to play guitar in their spare time in exchange for my services. They also taught me everything I needed to know at a young age to start and manage my own band at the time, “The Rhode Runners” I keep in touch with both Tony and Ivan Browne and recently spent my vacation visiting Tony Brazis. Could someone please get the story half way corrected please and give credit where it is really due. The Lemon Pipers evolved from Tony and The Bandits not The Sabers. Thank you.
    Don Mangus former publicity manager for Tony and The Bandits.

  2. I met the Bandits the first night they played at Al & Larry’s and became good friends with Tony, Dude, and Ron, the original drummer. I was there when they won the Shingdig contest at the park in Cincinnati. When I graduated in ’67, Ron had left the band and Bill Bartlett had joined, they had signed a record contract and changed their name to the Lemonpipers. I have been trying to track down Robert Dudak. Do you know where he is or how I can locate him. I must have met you, but your name doesn’t ring a bell. Thanks for the service you are providing.

    Judith Church

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